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Silicone Vacuum Body Massage Suction Cup Strengthen Metabolism 1-4Pcs

Silicone Vacuum Body Massage Suction Cup Strengthen Metabolism 1-4Pcs

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    Body Massage Suction Cup 4Pcs


    Strengthen Metabolism Massage Suction Cup


    Antirheumatic Vacuum Cupping Therapy Set

  • Function
    Antirheumatic, Massage Therapy
  • Application
    Face And Body
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    Treatment Apparatus
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    Carton/Gift Box
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    Flannelette bags ,Cloth bags,Gift Box
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    3-7working days
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Silicone Vacuum Body Massage Suction Cup Strengthen Metabolism 1-4Pcs

1-4Pcs Silicone Vacuum Cupping Therapy Set Massage Body Cups Suction Cup Anti Cellulite Weight Loss Relaxation Cupping


  • Transparent silicone cupping device, a total of 4 models for one set.​
  • Cups are transparent, high elastic and not easy aging, long life, no smell, high temperature resistance, easy to clean, and easy operation.
  • They not only have a heat detoxification,relaxing muscles and tendons, swelling and pain, dehumidification, enhance the resistance of the therapeutic effect, but also can promote blood circulation, strengthen the metabolism and other beauty and body effects.


Product Name Silicone Cupping Cups Massage
Material Silicone
Type Massage Cupping
Application Face & Body
Cup Series Silicone Vacuum Cupping
Function To relieve rheumatism and improove blood circulation
Usage Face Massage and beauty
Shelf Life 3 years
Source Natural Plant Herbal
Quantity of cups 4 pcs per set
Size 1.8/2.4/3/3.9inches
Color Blue ,black ,pink ,red ,orange ,white
Package Carton ,gift box and customization
Logo Accept
Package Dimensions 6.8 x 4.29 x 2.87 inches
Weight 10.99 Ounces



About the product

CURATIVE EFFECT – It acts on the negative vacuum pressure acting on the human body, which will help clear the meridians, Qi, blood, and cold dampness. It eliminates the blood stasis syndrome and detumescence and relieves pain.

DOES NOT HURT THE SKIN – After several experiments and tests, our product has a very soft circumference, and the cup edge does not injure the skin. The adsorption capacity of the cup can easily achieve the efficacy of treatment.

PORTABLE – Portable packaging design, small size, easy to carry in your bag or handbags, can be used anytime. SIZE:(should be custom)

THE JOINTS, KNEES, ELBOWS AND OTHER LOCATIONS CAN BE CUPPED – Compared to fire pot, gas tank, or other brands of silica cupping, this can be used on more parts of the body. Very effective in treating these joints.

A PROFESSIONAL MERIDIAN AND ACUPOINT SYSTEM – Targets different symptoms and accurately locates corresponding treatment points



How to use:


1. For “Retaining Cupping”

Simply compress the cup in downward action, attach onto intended area with slightly intensity, release and leave the cup on intended area for 20~30min. For areas hard to attach due to dry skin, moist intended area or cup rim before use. Please notice that local congestion is common after cupping, and should be eliminated within a few days.


2. For “Flashing Cupping”

Follow above instruction, but instead of leaving cupping on intended area, just repeatedly sucking and removing the cup till local skin becomes flushed.


3. For “Sliding Cupping”

Lubricate skin of intended area then attach the cup, sliding the cup across intended area till skin becomes flushed or rash-like spots appears. You can even do your Sliding Cupping during bath time with your shower gel.


4. Cupping Removal

To remove the cup, press skin around cup rim to let air entry then the cup will fall naturally. DO NOT remove cup violently, in order to avoid skin lesion.



Cupping (Hijama) can be used for:


Sliding Cupping can be used on the back or for the relief of colds, and Retaining Cupping is applicable to muscle pain, in addition, Flashing Cupping is more appropriate for numbness and also face area, because it won't leave any traces. Of course, if necessary, you can do more than one kind of cupping in one-session treatment.





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Silicone Vacuum Body Massage Suction Cup Strengthen Metabolism 1-4Pcs 0



Silicone Vacuum Body Massage Suction Cup Strengthen Metabolism 1-4Pcs 1


Facial cupping therapy packaging:




Silicone Vacuum Body Massage Suction Cup Strengthen Metabolism 1-4Pcs 2










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